Stylish Entryway Organizer

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Nice Entryway Organizer

Entryway organizer – the key to an organized home is to keep everything divided and in its place. One option for such storage is a cube organizer group of cubes that create a custom configuration. Versatile and decorative, this modular storage solution be designed and adapted to any room in the house. In a mudroom or entryway, is a cube organizer ideal for shoes and baskets filled with hats, gloves and other daily mess. In a playgroup, serve cubes as the perfect organizational tool for keeping toys and games in their place. The possibilities of these clutter-busting cubes are endless.

How to make an entryway organizer; buy unfinished wooden cubes from an arts and crafts store or unfinished furniture store. Select sizes (wooden cubes are typically found in single, double, triple and quadruple forms) based on the size of the modular cube organizer you want and that will fit into the space you arrange. Think vertically-build cubes from the wall to the ceiling for a more functional organizational configuration

After that to make an entryway organizer, choose paint or stain finish to the cube organizer. Fill holes or holes with wood filler and let it dry. Carefully sand cubes, wipe away dust residues and apply two coats of either paint or stain so that the surface on dry before applying the second layer. If the finished product will be white or cream, apply two coats of paint primer before the paint, then dry time in between each layer. Let cubes dry before handling. Configure the wood cubes in the desired configuration.

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