Pinky Style For Girl Bedroom Sets

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Girl Bedroom Rugs

Girl bedroom sets must be lovely, sweet and beautiful. Girls usually more care about the look and details than boys. Girls, especially age about 12-18 years old, mostly want sweet and feminine room. And pink is a color they really love to use for bedroom sets. So let’s try to makeover the sets, girls!

Girl bedroom sets not only bed, pillows, table, but also bedroom vanity, bedroom storage bench and wall decor. If you want add pinky style to your bedroom, think before about the plan you wanna create. Do you want to make a whole room full with pink color? Or you want to mix this cutie pink color with another color for combination? Make sure you know the plan so you can do the makeover after that.

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Choose Pink Color For Wall Painting

For example, if you want the whole room full with pinky style you can choose pink color for wall painting, bed and pillow covers, table and bedroom vanity. Full pink color will make your room become brighter and so colorful, so consider it deeply before you really want to make a full pinky room.

But if you want to make pinky style still with simple way, you can combine it with another colors. For example, you can add pink color for your bedroom sets like bed and pillow covers, lamps (FYI, there’s a lamp with pink light, so you can use it), bedroom storage and mirror vanity. To make a very good collaboration, mix it with neutral colors like white or blue for wall painting and carpet. It’s good if you choose more colors, but remember, don’t play coloring-combination too much. Three colors are enough to make a colorful but still in simple way for your bedroom sets.

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So, girls, what do you think? Do you love the pinky style for your girl bedroom sets? Or do you have another favorite color? It’s good if you can share your opinion or experience about the story of choose color for your bedroom sets. Feel free to write for us about your thoughts not only about pinky style color but also for another colors you really love to use. We can’t wait to read it!

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