Octagon Entryway Ideas

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Luxury Octagon Entryway Ideas

Be inspired by its decoration by way of its octagon gateway. Use the geometry of space as a guide when choosing the elements of your entryway ideas scheme. Find the items that mimic and complement the architecture of the space itself. Do not overlook the little details that will make their full view.

The first of entryway ideas are create a pattern on the floor of your gateway that mimics the form of octagon space in your choice of colors, with or without additional design embellished on them. Then install a medallion-shaped octagon ceiling under any luminaries. Other options include ceiling tile to match the pattern on the floor octagon.

After that, installation of windows octagon shaped, even decorative small, help re-create the architectural shape of space on the walls. Invest in an octagon input table and a custom skin that brings octagon shape in more detail.

Hang custom curtains made of fabric containing an octagon pattern to tie regular rectangular windows to the design scheme. Other accessories to bring in your entryway ideas as include candlesticks, baskets for keys or email and shelves for storage.

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