Mudroom Addition Ideas

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Diy Mudroom Addition

Mudroom addition-Storage at mudrooms easily increased with the addition of customized box designed to be deep to store coats, with the top hat storage and boot or umbrella bearing at the bottom. Mudroom addition can be added as needed. These lockers can be built in enclosed or separated groups of families so that every family member gets their own locker.

Set two half-by-24-by-48-inch wafers at its ends, parallel to each other, to serve as the sides of the mudroom addition. Adjust the position of the three board’s see that the ends of the top board are even with the outer surfaces of the side boards. Drill down through the top board every 6 inches around the edge of the top plate and the ends of the side boards. Secure the boards together, using 1-inch wood screws. Repeat for the bottom plate.

Rotate the entire locker unit so that the open side is facing up. Place the half-by-12-by-25-inch board on top of the four composite boards serve as the back of the cabinet. Set each edge of the rear panel so that is even with the outer sides of the adjacent boards. Drill guide holes were 12 inches around the edge of the rear board, the board through the back and into the side, top and bottom boards. Attach the rear board to the other boards with 1-inch wood screws. Set sticks in the holes and place the rack on top of the sticks. Repeat for any mudroom addition. This will provide a place to hang coats on hangers. Allow four hours for wood glue to set.

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