Making Your Own Mudroom Storage Ideas

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Design For Mudroom Storage Ideas

Mudroom storage ideas – Having a mudroom at home is priceless. Unfortunately, the cost of building or have someone build customized mudroom storage can be expensive. To keep the little room organization simple and inexpensive entry, consider a do it yourself project that should only take an afternoon to complete and will not break the bank. Measure your little room entrance space. Buy two unfinished wooden cubicles (either a unity of three five unit cubes or cube) on the basis of the amount of space you have to work with (if the mudroom storage ideas has a door, do not forget to leave space for the door to open in the room). These cubicles are typically 15 inches deep and 42 inches tall to drive three blocks and 57 inches high for the five-unit cube. Search online or visit your local arts / crafts or unfinished furniture store.

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Cut 1 inch by 4-inch piece of wood to the length of the cubicle unit selected for storing small room entrance. Lightly sand the cubicles and 1 4. Apply two coats of paint, allowing sufficient drying time between coats. Place the first cubicle on the floor. The hubs will be to keep shoes in place. Put a basket on top of the cubicle unit, a basket by bucket to use as a catchall for everyday disorder (keys, hats, sports uniforms, backpacks, etc.) Measuring 53 inches from the floor and use a level to draw a straight line that measures the length of the cubicles. Mark below the line where wall studs are. Hold 4 to 1 by line so that the bottom of the timber is in drilling holes in line and asparagus. Place the timber wall by drilling screws into the holes and nails.

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Attach the hooks 1 for 4, spacing the hooks so that each cube storage cubicle has two hooks above it. Use the hooks for coats and backpacks. Place the second cubicle to the wall above the hooks, using the stud finder and secure the unit with screws into the studs. Use at least two screws per hub. Place buckets and baskets on top of the cubes to keep school papers, hats, gloves, mittens, etc. If the room allows and you have an unused closet or cabinet at home, use it as extra mudroom storage ideas entrance to keep clutter at bay. Consider sanded and painted to match the storage area that you made. Place a decorative plate or basket on top of the car keys and hang a mirror on the dresser for last minute touches before heading out the door.

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