Hallway Storage Bench For Small Spaces

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Hallway Storage Bench With Coat Rack

Hallway storage bench – If you can spare the space, use a portion for storage by building a small storage bench that can be moved when the entire width of the corridor is needed. First, measure and cut two pieces of 24 inches from the top and bottom and two pieces of 18 inches from the sides of the wide table 4.3 inches to 12 inches. Because the board is actually only 11 1/4 inches wide, which is the width of each of the parts will be.

Apply wood glue to the short ends of the two side pieces and then placing them between the upper and lower parts creating a box hallway storage bench. Place the clamp strap around the box and allow the wood glue to dry overnight before removal. Measure and cut a piece 19 1/4 by 23 1/2 inch plywood. Central and connect hardboard back storage bench with 1/2 inch finishing nails every 6 inches.

Turn storage bank backwards and install the mounting plates leg at each corner of storage bank by inserting a screw through each of the holes around the outside of the plate. Offset each plate both edges 1/4.  Than screw all. Cut two 24-inch pieces of molding you selected to match the top and bottom of the front edge of the storage bank. Coat the front upper edge of the storage bench with wood glue. After that decor hallway storage bench with paint.


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