Fiberglass Entry Doors Are Most Popular

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Decorative Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass entry doors are among the most popular choices of doors today in day, thanks to its relative strength and durability, especially when compared with wood. Consumers may find it difficult to choose between these materials for their similar qualities, but a careful examination will reveal some subtle differences between the steel doors and fiberglass.

If you compare steel doors or glass fiber medium or low degree, the cost difference is quite negligible.  Now if you compare high-grade doors, the fiberglass entry doors usually cost significantly more than steel. As a counterpoint, both steel doors like fiberglass can be achieved at low prices, although steel is almost always the cheapest. A cheap steel door may peel, but a door fiberglass low quality tends to crack or rot.

Most fiberglass entry doors have an integral color extending through the thickness of the door. If these doors are scratched or worn, the damage is not very noticeable. Steel doors, on the other hand, are painted in the factory or during installation. If a steel door dents or scratches, damage is quite remarkable because the natural color of the metal will be noticed. Fiberglass requires little or no maintenance while still maintained steel door more need recoated every two to three years.

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