Connecting The Hallway Rug Runner

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Hallway Rug

Hallway rug – Regardless of the location, proper installation will prevent slips and falls and help preserve the state runner for many years. Measure the width of the corridor or area. Subtract the width of the corridor carpet aisle width, then divide by two. This gives the measure should allow each side to center the corridor along the corridor.

Select the starting point for the corridor, and mark with a pencil or chalk, depending on the color of the floor. Cut the rug pad so it is of 1-3 smaller than the carpet runner inch on all sides. Sweep and clean the floor surface to remove all dust, pet hair and other debris. Allow the floor to dry completely before installing the hallway rug pad and carpet runner.

Remove the protective plastic rug pad that protects the surface of the floor to grip. Immediately place the rug pad on the floor, side grip to the ground, centered between the marks for carpet runner. Place the carpet runner on top of the hallway rug pad, between the marks, and smooth it as flat as possible. Depending on the material of the corridor and back, it may take some time to completely flatten.

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