Beaded Doorway Curtains

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What are beaded doorway curtains? It is the curtain that made for the doorway that could also be used for some other function, like it could also be used as the partition for a room which has some uses. It could also function as the thing to separate the living room with the dining room, or you could even use it as a bed curtain. The other function with similar uses from this product is to be a wall hanging. To have this as the replacement of the paintings in your wall looks more unique and cool.

There are many designs of this product which could get the traditional feelings with traditional theme such as Asian themes that are popular by many people. The curtain is very easy to install, but you should be careful for the entanglement. The beaded curtains have many colors and even images that would be completely seen when the curtain is loosened.

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Bamboo Beaded Doorway Curtains

Bamboo beaded curtains looks amazing because it has the traditional feeling of the bamboo shafts strung together. This design of the curtains is recommended for doorway, patios, wall hanging, and many more. Bamboo curtains would make your house looks natural and tropical with natural material. It has many degree of length and thickness of the bamboo and there are also the combination of the bamboo and beads.

How to Make Beaded Door Curtains

So, how to make the curtain by yourself? First, you should design what kinds of beads you will use and arrange them. Measure the windows or door window to get the right measurement for your curtains. After cutting the string and string the beads, you should assembly the parts and the last is to make the adjustment. Hope those steps would help you get the door curtain you wanted!

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